GotSMTP – The Global Outgoing SMTP Email Service

GotSMTP is an authenticated SMTP mail service (also known as a SMTP relay or smart host) designed to solve most of the problems experienced when sending mail from your email program, application, server, cell phone or mobile device. Choose an option below…

Mobile, PDA and Iphone Users

  • Send email from your  mobile / cell phone, iPhone, PDA or netbook.
  • Works with most 3G / mobile broadband & Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Quick and easy to setup – send emails within minutes.
Home and Small Business Users

  • SMTP service for sending your emails from most major email programs.
  • Automatic outbound email virus scanning.
  • Optional email duplication so you can backup sent emails.
Mailing List Distribution

  • Professional SMTP service for distributing mailing lists.
  • Support for multiple concurrent connections for super fast delivery.
  • Support for most major mailing list software.
Mail Server Administrators

  • SMTP relay / gateway for your network or mail server.
  • Support for most major email server applications and mail transfer agents.
  • Outbound virus scanning and optional email backup.